my soul it weeps of happiness
– why must you weep
I ask my friend
– my sorrow feeds
your cheerful mind
I cannot help so do not mind
my sorrow whilst you cheer
– you’re not my soul, are you really
my suspicion lies within his voice
unnatural, belongs to someone else
if I were to give you the choice
to leave me at this instant
would you or would you not?
– I’m an honest man, my sir
so trust me when I tell you this
‘tis not one thing in the world
I would not do on your behalf
to take the pain of life away
to make your thoughts all fun and gay
so do not worry, I will serve
you ‘til the end of time and more
since unlike you, I am immortal
therefore my duty is to keep
the memory of you, so deep
that not one human on this planet
could reach, destroy your
post-mortem tablet